A New Plan

Okay – I have realised that I am not doing too well here on this course – I have become lost somewhere between ideas, actions, life and….assignments!

My main problem is a lack of time – which I must address. I am making time, but I am not being productive with it. I think what I have been doing is trying to get my head around a background to the course – reading other’s blogs, but never getting around to commenting on them before my allocated time is up, looking things up online, but never getting report on them before my allocated time is up…you see where I am going with this… trying to look at the whole idea of flexible learning if you like, before i begin the actions of flexible learning (and teaching), but this offers me no focus, no goals and no deadlines, and so I am lost.

So, I have had another look at what we are actually asked to do – assignments! and will be basing all future research and posts around them.

Using WordPress has been getting me into using categories or tags to keep a kind of system to my posts, so I have added 4 new ones today each that relate to the 4 assignments that are due in. This will help me order my thoughts and relate them to each assignment and help me research back through my own info when it comes to writing up on each topic. I now realise that my categories before, as they were being randomly added with each post, were making little sense to my own organisational systems – never mind anyone reading this thing…

Step 1: Evaluate my own understaning of each assignment – the stage I am at with my learning of each topic and what I think I need to do to comlpete the research and practical application.
Step 2: Action step 1 outcomes!

okay well that seems simple enough… onwards.


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