Teaching Resource – Assignment 2 – due soon!

I just realised that the assignment to create a teaching resource that teaches someone a skill is due in by week 8 of the course, and by my reckoning that is in a couple of weeks, so my attentions now turn to this component of the course.

Again I am (1) assessing my thoughts/knowledge on  the assignemnt so far and the (2) working out a plan of action.

– i hadn’t previously given this assignemnt too much thought, (as had been trying unsuccessfully to look at the bigger picture) but when i did think about it my thoughts turned to an obvious choice, which would be to create something digital where it previously had been analogue in some form. On reflection – this is not necessarily what we are being asked to do as Flexible Learning is about being flexible and not just about being digital!

-so i thought i would start by looking at one ‘skill’, and think of as many ways to deliver that information first. Then work out which one would give me the most satisfaction making (i.e. learning a new skill myself!)

I have been planning for a long time to follow up face-2-face teaching on how to scan negatives and slides with our departmental scanner with a step-by-step hard copy instruction manual. When I ran a public digital lab in the UK, this was something we provided as standard, as users of the lab were independent of the overseeing staff after an intitial induction, and unless they ran into technical problems. I can see that this would be useful here: it is easy to forget how to use something if you don’t use it regularly, it would protect the equipment from potential damage, and cut down on staff time having to repeat teaching to students. However, my slight reservation is that student’s won’t take responsibility for their own learning – for example, some students took notes when i originally showed them how to use the scanner and when they come back to it, they can now go through the process without any problems. Some didn’t and these are the ones we end up repeat teaching to. If we provide all the information in as many forms as possible, will the students, stop trying to find their own way of learning? I suppose that having a ” for them to work through at their own pace IS making them responsible for their own learning! Now I feel happier about that, I will continue:

I could see this type of resource in the following ways:

  • Face-to-Face demonstration, with walk through example/participation.
  • Paper/Hard-copy folder of step-by-step instructions
  • Digital file of step-by-step instructions that can be accessed online
  • Screencast of step-by-step instructions, with audio option
  • Video of step-by-step instruction
  • Slideshow of step-by-step instruction

However, from my last post, I realised that i am also interested in creating some kind of podcast that would work alongside an art exhibition or project. A teaching aid, if you like, to understanding the exhibition. This would be something that a student could download before visiting the art gallery in their own time, and listen to as they walk around the exhibition. It could also be something that someone could listen to if they couldn’t get to the art gallery, and see the work in person. We have a floor talk coming up where Lynda Cullen from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery has generously agreed to talk to the class about a current photography exhibition. This could be something I could perhaps record and make available for students who missed the talk in person – they could take it and listen to it whilst in front of the work themselves, in their own time.

(2) Action Plan
It seems like I have 2 different ideas here that could both be implemented, and each one will have a different action plan. I think I will work on the first one as this is more pressing in real life, where we actually need this resource. (If I can organise it simply, and Lynda Cullen agrees, I will try and record the talk anyway – this shouldn’t take too much time.)
So my next steps are to:


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