2. Teaching Resource – Submission

This post is my final submission for the teaching resource. In the end I made two separate documents that can be used in a variety of ways.
In learning to print to the Epson printer in the Photography Department students can do all, or some of the following things:

  • come to a session with a member of staff for a demonstration on how to use the printer, bringing along their own file to print themselves.
  • see a high resolution video file, available on the school shared files, to see the same run-through. This could either be a reminder for the next time they use the printer on their own, or could a substitute, for being unable to attend the physical demo.
  • see a low resolution video(same video as above), available on a class blog or youTube (see below for the video)
  • download and print or use electronically a .pdf document that show the step by step printing demonstration. This would be available in hard-copy next to the printer, or students could get a copy from any of the resources mentioned already. (see below for the .pdf document)



2 thoughts on “2. Teaching Resource – Submission

  1. I am impressed with your teaching resource Rachel. It is very practical and caters to the visual, auditory and reader learners. Well done. It will be very helpful for students, hopefully saving the department lots of wasted colour prints!

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