Picture New York E-Petition

1st Amendment Rally
Check out this petition in reaction to the city of New York’s proposals that all photographers and potential film-makers are to be “forced to obtain a city permit and $1 million in liability insurance before taking pictures or filming on city property, including sidewalks.” (The New York Times)

This could have an impact round the world on the right to photograph in public spaces…one to keep an eye on, I think…

Petition extract:
“We, the undersigned, believe that the new rules currently under consideration for Film Permits (Chapter 9, Title 43 of the City Rules of New York) will have an irrevocable impact on independent filmmakers and photographers and their ability to engage in creative work in New York. (…)

The right to photograph in public space is established by the First Amendment, which states that, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.” These rights are not the City’s possession to take away, or to restrict to the point where such free expression is rendered impossible. The impact on public space of the types of activities you propose to regulate are so minimal that requiring permits is an undue burden towards exercising First Amendment rights. Furthermore, one cannot regulate an art form or activity by negating its very premise. The proposed rules, in refusing to recognize the spontaneity that is at the core of street-based filmmaking and photography, are untenable for that reason alone.”


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