Red Road and Perfect Creature at Film Festival

Hi everyone,

 The Telecom 31st Dundin International Film Festival started this weekend to some good films all round. I only managed to see one of them, Red Road, and I’ll blog my thoughts later in this post.
perfect_creature.jpgThe other hit of the weekend though, would appear to be Perfect Creature. You may remember me laughing about the premise this film set at last week’s Lunchtime Reflections. I still stand by my hilarity at the plot, (an alternative 1970’s New Zealand where vampires reign supreme) but after seeing clips of it on the news last night, it looked like a pretty slick and glossy film overall. It has been sold to many countries worldwide, and although in some it has pretty much gone straight to video(DVD?!), this is not bad for a kiwi movie. It may be of more interest to us for all the scenes shot in Dunedin and Oamaru, but if you didn’t catch it’s grand opening to much press furore on Saturday night, (and unfortunately it only has one showing in this Festival) then do wait for it to come out on video for a cosy, dark night in…
Check this TV3 review and video HERE

and to Red Road…i look forward to your comments on this film (I know at least one of you was there…you know who you are..!)…I’ll blog my own comments after Lunchtime Reflections today at 12.30pm…See you there!


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