couple more films under my belt…

Hi all,

I managed to squeeze in a couple more films at the weekend and I thought I would share…

La Vie En Rose Now, I never originally blogged this movie but ended up catching it with friends this weekend, and it was fantastic. Something happens to me when I hear a single female singer – i go all goose-bumply up my back and the hairs stand up on my neck. This was no excepetion. If Edith Piaf had come to Duendin, she would have sung at the Regent, and the audio played was incredible, along with the setting. The movie was exceptional, not least due to the talent of the leading lady (Marion Cotillard) playing the famous french chanteuse from a young teenager, to a shell of an old woman just before her death. This movie was as devastating throughout as Piaf’s life appears to have been, as it starts in a scene where she collapses on stage towards the end and flashes back throughout to show the events that took her from paris slums to glittering New York…but it appears you can perhaps take the girl out of Belleville, but you can’t take Belleville out of the girl… I would recommend this to anyone who has a love of all things french, all things Piaf, and all things dark and worldly – the two and a half hours flew by without one glance at a watch. Despite its darkness though, and leaving me with a tear in my eye at the end, this film left me with good feeling in my heart…don’t be put off.

This Is New Zealand Brilliant! I went to see this movie last night and was overjoyed at the cheeky kiwi hmour that had the whole audience laughing out loud. First up was a short film , C’mon to New Zealand, made in the 70’s to advertise New Zealand to the Australians – no subtle humour used here, as the film covered everything from short skirts, to smoking and drinking, to Mount Cook, to more smoking, to Rotorua…and finally, relaxing in Queenstown with , yes you guesed it, more cigarettes…

Next we moved onto another short, a documentary called This Is Expo, by the same director as the main feature. This covered the Japanese Expo in Osaka in 1970, that the main film was originally inteneded to be screened at. The laughs were still there, but much more underplayed and this provided a great background for This Is New Zealand. And it was worth the wait (and the $14!). Re-mastered to show the 3 different screens from the original film in the one projection this looked technically, like a really slick contemporary piece of art – I cannot imagine the wow factor is created back in 1969/70. Hugh McDonald, again kept his humour low-key, but make no mistake it was in there between the edits, from sheep, to southern cattle-rustling men, to city life in all it’s retro abandon. Great!

Helvetica was also apparently VERY GOOD – I didn’t get to see it myself but a couple of other folk I know did and thought it was great. Very humerous and not at all dull like you might have expected. I’m going to try and get a hold of it on DVD but in the meantime here is the official website for your perousal.


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