Waveform | Nathan Thomson @ Blue Oyster

waveform.jpgSome of you may remember Nathan Thomson coming to speak to us last year at the School of Art, Otago Polytechnic. Thomson is an artist, musician and curator and is currently presenting his talents as all three at the Blue Oyster in a show entitled Waveform, alongside other artists Campbell Kneale, Kim Pieters and Michael Morley. This is great art, and I would urge you to go see the show.

Sound has been the poor cousin within the spectrum of video art, often used to add impact to the visual content of a project or as an atmospheric after thought. Experimental film-maker Stan Brakhage abandoned the use of sound altogether half way through his career, claiming it interfered with the purity of the moving image.

Although in international contexts video artists are beginning to pay increasing attention to the use of sound, it is still very hard to find many examples of sound artists crossing over into the world of moving image. The New Zealand noise scene has had much international press over the past ten years, but again not much attention has been paid to the moving image output of these artists. It could be argued that New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where significant numbers of sound artists are actively shaping the face of moving image.

This exhibition offers a small cross-section of this phenomenon


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