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You may have been reading when I mentioned and praised the Magnum blog, back in my blogger days.

I kept reading, but the posts got a bit boring to be honest(!), and I think it might have been becasue there was a lack of personality and direction as everyopne blogged there own stuff…but then! it got taken over by a new guy (Martin Fuchs), and i’ve been loving it ever since, so I thought I would mention it again! 🙂

It feels rejuvenated, and I really love this description of their annual party by the lake – check the names out of all those guests! Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall at this gig!?

Hot Fun At The Magnum Barbecue In The Hamptons 

In Inside Magnum

Friday, August 10th was the annual Magnum Photos BBQ, generously hosted as always by Thomas and Christina Hoepker. The Hoepkers have a lovely house in the Hamptons, on Long Island, situated by a lake in their backyard. Staff, interns, and of course photographers are welcome. The BBQ is always a nice treat for everyone. A break from all the hard work of the year was needed, especially after our successful 60th Anniversary Festival celebrations. Summer is a slower time for us, and although there is always plenty of work to do, we managed to devote one day to eating and drinking as much as possible. Hey, wait a minute, we do that all the time! This time, however, it was during the day. Our hardworking interns are paid in beer in lieu of cash. Everyone brought their boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses etc., if they could make it, which accounts for the number of unfamiliar faces. Are they interns that somehow slipped in under the radar? Staff that no one knows? All would be revealed later. The trip started out with a ride from the office. A large and comfy bus was rented for the occasion. Roll up for the mystery tour! We boarded the bus at 10 and rode in luxury. Everyone was excited to enjoy a day at the lake, eating meat (there was beer for the vegetarians) swimming, playing ping pong, and there were of course business meetings while wearing a towel. (not Larry Towell, who was in attendance), along with Dennis Stock, Susan Meiselas, Paul Fusco, Elliott Erwitt, and a welcome appearance by Burt Glinn. There was much boisterous revelry on the trip, except for those (no names, please) nursing hangovers. Traffic was not too bad, and we arrive at around 1. The weather gods heard our pleas and it was a gorgeous day. Mark Lubell, our NY bureau chief, met us holding a massive tray of burgers ready for the grill, so the coals were fired up and we awaited the feast, while the lake beckoned. The more aquatic among us jumped in, some swimming, some in the paddle boat or canoes. I stayed on the dock, where a few of us roasted on chairs and worked on our tans. James Wendell, our intrepid photographer for this article, snapped away, sometimes with his camera encased in a water-tight holder. Screams and shouts abounded, but were those sounds of fun or horror? Injuries were kept to a minimum, stemming from a slippery dock.


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