Photography Website of the Week!


Hi Everyone,

I stumbled across this site last week, a link hidden away at the bottom of an e-mail… A really good example of what you can do to promote yourself if you set your mind to it – For those of you who don’t know, Sue graduated from the BFA – Photography last year (2006).

(Click the image above to go to the full website!)

virtualcurator.jpgI also did a little bit of investigation and clicked through to which Sue’s site is powered by – seems these guys will provide you with a no-fuss, easy-to-use website template which you can load your images up to – so you don’t need to learn all that html, website programming, dreamweavery kind of stuff to get a professional looking site up and running. And, they specialise in art sites….

Here is what they offer:

 Key features:
  – store artist / gallery / artwork / event content in a secure      centralised database with log-in and password
  – publish content on more than one website at the same      time
  – online art-cataloguing functionality allows all users to keep      thorough visual records of all their work
  – standard plug-in code allows content owner to offer “art     content” to other websites with little setup

  – event calendar
  – powerful CMS with point and click artwork previews
  – online art-cataloguing functionality allows all users to keep      thorough visual records of all their work
  – option to publish a “stand-alone” gallery or artist website from      your Virtual Curator console
  – event calendar can be updated by members
  – manage website content once only with no duplication

Perhaps Sue can tell us if she’s had a good experience with them? I think they look good – the websites seem slick and look good, but my only concern would be that the ones I have had a look at (Sue’s, the VC one itself, and one other artist from their own linked page) is they all have a very similar look and feel to them… Any comments?


One thought on “Photography Website of the Week!

  1. this is a really nice looking, easy to use website to begin our web profile. i know of a couple friends who have the too and its working really well for sue as well!
    the fact that they look the same could be a slight put off, but it also creates a community feel! like here is a group of artists, and here is where you can access them all! kind of like a blog but not!

    I like it as an initial start!

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