Focus on…Art Crew Ltd.

med-school.jpg Re: Collection 100 (2005) Don Hunter

Hi everyone,
just a mention to Don Hunter who came to speak to us last week as a representative of his company, Art Crew Ltd.

It was a really good example of what you need to think about before, during and after an exhibition, an insight into how you might want to get involved with other people’s exhibitions, and how you might make enough money to support your art career. Don Hunter is also an artist (see image above) and a lecturer in the School of Design, Otago Polytechnic.

Here’s a bit more about Art Crew Ltd:

Welcome to Art Crew LTD, our specialty is in providing support for artist’s, events and galleries.

Art Crew LTD provides a team approach to professional support.

Our unique strength lies in the fact that our team is primarily made up of practising artists and designers. Art Crew offers the following support:

On site installation expertise for galleries and events, working directly alongside the artist or curator.

Logistical support in packaging and freighting of art and associated equipment including design and construction of packing crates. Technicians will work with you specializing in a diverse range of practises and materials including design and prototypes, digital media, mould making, fibre glassing, metal casting, ceramic and glass casting, wood and carpentry.

We also offer support in the following areas:

• Video documentation of exhibition or event.

• Graphic design for invitations, catalogues and

associated publications.

• Photographic documentation of exhibition or event.

• Stage set design, construction and installation.

• Lighting and electrical construction and installation.

• Arts writers for catalogue and publicity.

• Copy writers and proof readers of documentation for exhibition or event.

• Warehouse and logistical support


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