fur.jpgFollowing his breakthrough feature, SECRETARY, Steven Shainberg creates a ravishing imaginary portrait of the visionary artist Diane Arbus in FUR: AN IMAGINARY PORTRAIT OF DIANE ARBUS. Turning her back on her wealthy, established family, Diane (Nicole Kidman) falls in with Lionel Sweeney (Robert Downey Jr.), an enigmatic mentor who introduces her to a new world of marginalized people who help her find her talent.

FUR pays homage to a brilliant artistic talent who challenged accepted notions of beauty and ugliness, and forever changed photography through her radical techniques and subject matter. It is not simply a biopic, but rather something different, unique and mysterious, intertwining real aspects of Arbus’s life with invented characters and an imaginary narrative.

Official website

Good news – Robert Downey Jnr!…shame it also has Nicole Kidman in it…(hee hee)
Prize to the first person who finds out when it is coming to New Zealand…



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