A Bit More Focus

It feels like I have been away from my blog for a while and pretty stagnant with this whole paper. To be honest I came to a bit of an impasse with the whole thing and lost my way.

But i think I have a new plan!

Part of that has been helped by the face-to-face sessions which have helped clarify the assignments for me – thanks Terry. And partly because I have finally found a course to design that I am invested in. I was re-designing a paper that I had taught before but it was a bit of a hypothetical re-design and I think this has been making it difficult for me to focus on the assignments, and really understand what they are all about.

So I am going to re-hash a little the earlier assignments in line with this new paper and hopefully get some more momentum up. My aim this time is to really come up with a re-design ready to be looked at and used in 2008.


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