Photo News Today

“All the imaging news, all the time.” 

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would give a quick nod to this Photography Website that I regularly keep an eye on. In many ways I always intended to extract the interesting/relevant information and blog it for all of you, but to be honest – there’s too much info! I can’t figure out how to be discerning about it, so I had an idea…you can all have a look for yourselves and work out what info is important to you!

If you love the gadgety side of photography, or are looking for hints/tips/techniques on image manipulation, you can bet that this site has the latest news. There must be about one to two hundred posts a day though, so much of it get’s lost if you don’t keep up regularly. Don’t be put off though, a quick scan is all you need to get the gist of what is happening: In about 30 seconds today, I have already begun to think about the end of the scanner as we know it, what it would mean to be the world’s best photographer in 2008 (can you imagine???) and I know where to go and find the latest review of the newest camera, should I be looking to buy, or even just browse.

So enjoy, I hope you find it a useful resource.



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