apple apple apple


Ah, the new Macbook Air…If you haven’t heard about it yet…where have you been!!! It fits inside a Manilla envelope for heaven’s sake…haven’t you received yours in the post? Of course you haven’t! It’s the most expensive apple yet, and of course, who would want version 1…? Not me, that’s for sure, I’ll wait until they iron out some of the bugs I think…plus – it’s probably not for everyone and maybe not even for me…the biggest block is of course, there is no CD/DVD drive, only software that will beam electronically to a nearby computer with said drive, and download something from that…This suggests it’s for the user who already has a wonderful, (shiny and new), state-of-the-art G5/iMac sitting at home who really needs the smallest plaything to take to work/travel/other…When I can afford two shiny new macs…I’ll let you know.

On the plus side, imagine ones’ workplace was set up with shiny new macs and you could come in and use their hard-drives to download software…Yay! A tiny small computer to take around meaning no more sore back…and let’s face it, it looks pretty cool.

And if you’re bothered about cool…this article will give you a laugh – enjoy!


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