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Mike Figgis Wants Us All To Be Nice On The Bus


Your top five hates on the bus? Kids playing music out of their tinny mobiles? Litter? People shouting down their phones? It’s OK. London’s buses are about to become oases of calm and civil behaviour thanks to director Mike Figgis.Ad agency M&C Saatchi recruited Figgis to shoot a 3-minute cinema commercial in the split-screen style of his Timecode feature encouraging us all to be much more considerate on the bus.


As in the movie, separate, but linked, stories unfold on each of four different shots. A man shouting into his mobile is texted by a girl at the back asking him to keep quiet: he is later revealed to be the lover of a girl sitting upstairs – the pair have obviously had a row and he goes up to comfort her. Meanwhile, downstairs, our community-spirited texter also tells off a young man for dropping his chips on the floor. And, upstairs, a young hoodie confounds tabloid stereotypes (didn’t see that coming did you?) by asking his mates to stop annoying the nice old biddie sitting next to him.

The cinema advert will be shown on 799 screens across London from 1 February. It was shot on four hand-held digital video cameras in one take with no editing. Watch it here


Source and full article

I love this film! – a lovely little narrative, and well executed sequence linking all four plots together…enjoy! Watch it here


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