Lunchtime Reflections – Face Time!

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would pop a post in here about Lunchtime Reflections actually is, and how you can participate!

Lunchtime Reflections grew out of a need for more conversation time about things that expand set classroom topics, but that are still related to our contemporary art practice. In 2006 a group of senior photography students and some lecturers started meeting informally on Monday lunchtimes to have just this kind of chat. (And eat lunch!) This was/is not a compulsory part of the student paper, but a place where we can share stuff we have been thinking about, or exhibitions/films/music we have been exposed to that are of interest.
The good news is that Lunchtime Reflections is starting again on Mondays
(from the 11th August.) Primarily a space for students at Otago Polytechnic (and not exclusive to Photography students), but one that we would love to have other people pop into to hang out, share something, or just join in the conversation.

Otherwise, you can participate by commenting on this blog, or joining and posting something to this e-mail list.



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