I have a bad habit of leaving tabs open in my firefox browser of things that I keep meaning to go back to and ‘do’ something with…or something…my partner laughs at the number of tabs I regularly have open, which are wider than the size of my screen (albeit a laptop) and every now and again I get mad at them because they are messy and unorganised and I just close them, info to be lost forever (until it pops up again in some random way.) …SO! I thought that if they are important enough to stay open, then perhaps I just need to blog about them, and then close them and here on my blog I can find them again easily, and in the meantime, others may benefit from the thing I orginially found interesting…and do something with them…


So Datamoshing.

I came across this video which I found interesting because of the technique, and also the annoying tune, is actually very catchy.

And then I did a bit more research (well, one click i think…) and found this, slightly longer video, all about how you go about datamoshing and what it is, so this may be of use to you too!

Enjoy! (and I will too, when I come back to this post)


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