Public/Private:: “My Facebook, My Self”

Check out this excellent article by Jessica Helfand on Design Observer.

In it, she discusses the ramifications of social networking (as suggested by the title) in relation to our private and public visual selves of earlier years and technologies. It should be of direct use in relation to the topics we have been discussing in class lately (remember that lecture when I put my own facebook page on screen for your amusement…), and there are some students who I know are looking directly at this phenomenon within their work.

This quote from the article is for Mark:
“And it begins with the no-holds-barred domain of the Facebook portrait, or portraits plural, since that is more the rule than the exception for most users. Why have one self-portrait when you can have twenty or thirty or more? I predict — within the next ten years or so — a magnificent exhibition in some great museum that examines the aesthetic permutations of the iterative self-portrait: retouched and re-engineered, Googled and canoodled and oh-so-public.”

oh, and here’s my facebook portrait again, for those of you who missed it the first time… 😉



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