::Mamiya 7 II::Body & 2 lenses::For Sale

I’m selling my Mamyiya 7 II on Trademe
I’ve struggled a long time with this decision and as you can imagine, it hasn’t been an easy one. The truth is, I need a new computer and potentially a new digi camera and I just can’t afford it without letting some of my older stuff go. I really don’t use it enough to justify it anymore.


But this is a great camera and I’ll tell you why I love it. The negative is 6 x 7 which is a lovely format. It enlarges well to print in the darkroom with original darkroom paper sizing, it is more versatile than 6 x 6 and of course, the quality is so much higher than 35mm.  For me in particular, I could never quite get used to the medium format cameras that you looked down into and I never got to experience a viewfinder that allowed me to “look-through” until much later in my camera years. The Mamiya 7 II allows you to pick the camera up, much like a 35mm SLR, Look-through, and shoot. It feels inconsipcous the way that a 35mm does, and isn’t much bigger or heavier. This always suited my shooting style while on the go. I believe it is/was a polular camera among photojournalists because of this.

The format of the negatives also makes it a great camera for landscapes, and the ultra-wide 50mm lens is also good for this. I believe Andris Apse (New Zealand Landscape Photographer) uses this camera often with his images. (p.s. I believe he has a show on right now at the Otago Museum)

So it is with sadness that I let it go – but I do hope that the person who wins it in the auction has much happiness with it, and takes some awesome images.



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