Darren Glass at Anna Miles Gallery in Auckland

I went up to Auckland a few week’s ago to visit friends and the Auckland art festival (09) that was currently on, thinking that an abundance of art in one city had to be a good thing…right? …well not so much – I was pretty underwhlemed to be honest (but thank you sooo much to anna and millie for hanging out with me while i trudged them from gallery to gallery!).

The highlight for me was stumbling up to the Anna Miles Gallery to discover there was work by Darren Glass on display.

glass_13ngauruhoe glass_12

from Left: NGAURUHOE AM 1 (2008) C-Type print from ‘Telephoto Slit’ Cam; TONGARIRO CROSSING (LOOKING WEST) (2008) Selenium toned contact print on fibre-based paper.

The first thing that struck me was the silence of the work. And then the tactillity of the prints (real, light-sensitive images, ceated with chemicals!). The work of course, hinges on you knowing how they were created, and in fact knowing that Darren Glass explores the world of the pin-hole camera further than anyone else I’ve ever known. Below are two images of cameras that he has used, and displayed before (I saw a couple of these and the beautiful photographs of them in situ in Wellington at the Prospect 2006 show), which allude to the silence and the stillness of the creation of the image.


From Left: LOG, 11 aperture pinhole camera (2003) Cardboard tube, aluminium, brass, cardboard, bark; LEMNISCATE, 24 aperture pinhole camera for 300MM X 5.3M ROLL FILM (2006) Laminated cardboard and wood veneer; COASTLINE, 34 aperture pinhole camera for 70 x 1500m m roll film (2004) Design based on a remembered stretch of Northland coastline

I love that last image!

See further work here at the Anna Miles Gallery Website


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