Cindy Sherman: Older and wizened

Well, you probably haven’t made it past a major in photography class to have heard, studied, viewed and/or been exposed to work by Cindy Sherman. Here we have an article that isn’t all too keen on her latest work currently being exhibited in Berlin and the UK.

“Now here’s a real poser for you

Cindy Sherman raids the dressing-up box again, this time in pursuit of the wrinkled and wealthy. But there’s little beneath the surface.” FULL ARTICLE HERE

And again, some more images if you click the image below. Thanks!


“This is a collection of Cindy Sherman’s latest photographs, some of which are on show at Sprüth Magers London until 27 May 2009. The artist, now 55, has acted as her own model throughout her career. Here, she is thinking about wrinkles, and in these images she has painted latex on her skin to create lines more dramatic than her own. She has covered them with orange pancake and rouge to create a meditation on ageing – and what happens when past-it skin and cash collide.”


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