Jonathan Horowitz

Artist of the week 41: Jonathan Horowitz

Jonathan Horowitz’s recycled pop culture footage targets contemporary politics – and really packs a punch, discovers Jessica Lack


Art of disaster … Horowitz’s carbon-neutral film, Apocalypto Now, is a montage of old movie and media clips that reflects on current cultural and political issues. Photograph: Sadie Coles HQ

The art of Jonathan Horowitz finds unlikely connections between pop culture and politics. Using a cast of celebrities, films and songs, the New York-based artist sends up the most egregious examples of culture being manipulated for political ends, creating works of art that range from the acerbic to the poetically sublime.

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I saw this and was interested in the ideas bhind much of Horowitz’ work. It made me think of both the aesthetics and the discourse behind those cinematic/photographic aesthetics that Emily is exploring in her work, as well as ideas of truth and reality that are relevant to Alex’s work. So have a look guys and see what you think!


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