Bugs + Street Light + Long Exposure

Came across this this morning and made me thing of Emily’s work, and her new project with Alex…

CR Blog

Bugs + street light + long exposure

Moving Image

Posted by Mark Sinclair, 30 July 2009, 14:53    Permalink

Michigan-based filmmaker Charlie McCarthy shot 156 photographs of insects flying around a street light, each at a four second exposure. He then put them together at 12 frames per second to make this delightful little film…

Aren’t the corkscrew spirals great? Via Andrew Sullivan’s blog.

Charlie’s main Vimeo page is here and the Flight Patterns film, here.


One thought on “Bugs + Street Light + Long Exposure

  1. Thanks! It’s so pretty. I think you’re right though, we need to get our light lines straight in the forest, otherwise they will end up looking all fairy-ish and dreamy- not really the effect we are going for.
    Nice new blog by the way!

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