New Photo Blog

As you can maybe tell, if you’re a regular visitor to my blog, i’ve been doing some updating! This includes updating the theme of this blog, and also trying to find some way to consolidate my various blogs, and the various facets to my life, together. For example, i don’t just ‘discuss photography’, i’m interested in lots of contemporary art practice. I also do a lot of research and practice on using digital tools for education and I have several projects on the go about these, and my most recent addition is this new photoblog. I recently discovered this photoblog theme hiding amongst the other themes in wordpress. It shows, full size, the most recent post, and adjusts the theme to suit the picture that you looking at (this i still have to see…watch this space!) It also therefore has a handy ‘archive’ page that allows users/visitors to go back in and choose any image from your previous posts. This format is very reminiscent of my favourite photoblog ISOCHRONIC.COM

You should also be able to see in the right hand column that i have linked to the RSS feeds of my two other blogs to show the most recent posts (and you’ll notcie that I haven’t updated one of them in a long time, but now that I can visualise how they can be organised together, i’m going to start again!) And I aim to post at least one image a week to the photoblog…just for me, but you might enjoy them too.

So you may see some other changes as I begin to think more and more about organising myself online in a more useful way, both to myself, and to any visitors to my work.

see you soon!


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