Artists Taking the Lead in Scotland

Artists Taking the Lead is large commissioning project in the UK, where 12 artists will finally be selected to create an artwork in time for the 2012 Olympics.

It has just gone through the first phase, and 59 short-listed finalists are being given 5000 british pounds to develop their proposals.

There are five short-listed finalists in Scotland.

I’m quite interested in the project by NVA: (partly because I used to LOVE running round Arthur’s Seat when I lived in Edinburgh)

The Speed of light

NVA  - Scotland

NVA Creative Director Angus Farquhar’s proposal, ‘The Speed of Light’, partnered by United Visual Artists (UVA), is a celebration of human potential through a remarkable intermingling of sports and innovative cultural activity inspired by one of Scotland’s best known natural assets, Arthur’s Seat. The work will create iconic imagery of physical interaction with the landscape on an immense scale through the invention of a new human powered lighting system with thousands of participants nightly ascending a  set route. ‘Athletes’ on foot, in wheelchairs and on  bikes will be viewable moving at the differing speeds of their physical discipline across and around the hill creating flowing rivers of animated light patterns. The Speed of Light will be captured through photographic documentation to provide a permanent legacy.

And I’m interested in Craig Coulthard’s project: (because I know him! great to see some ’emerging’ artists in the mix!)

Forest Pitch

Craig Coulthard - Scotland

Craig Coulthard’s proposal Forest Pitch involves a football pitch hidden within a forest and visible only from the London to Edinburgh flight path above. Trees are felled to make way for a football pitch and used to create a stand, goalposts, changing room/exhibition space. One football match is scheduled to be played on the pitch, open to spectators and once the match has taken place, the pitch will be left to become taken over by nature again. The changing room is kept as a simple exhibition space to document the project. The pitch itself, with surrounding infrastructure will be taken over again by the natural world, newly planted trees etc, to become a living relic of the Olympics, in contrast to the new buildings created in London for the Games.


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