James Cameron’s “Avatar”

I await with baited breath for the release of James Cameron’s Avatar, as does my partner Michael who sings the praises of James Cameron (generally for T2, rather than Titanic…), and we’ve been waiting a while for his next big thing.

Well the Trailer is out.

I really like this discussion of 3D cinema on the guradian.co.uk

“3D cinema is art’s new Renaissance

The technical effects of James Cameron’s film Avatar give us a glimpse of what it was like to see depth in art for the first time.”

And the image they use with the article:

Like staring into a Da Vinci painting … Fans preview the film Avatar at Comic-Con 2009 in California. Photograph: John Shearer/Getty

(I especially like the one guy who spotted the photographer as he took the shot, he was the guilty one looking around to see if anyone would notice him eating a pizza – busted!!!)


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