…he’s at it again!

Question time: David Bailey
The photographer fears that modern magazine pictures relies more on retouching than camerawork – but that suits him just fine

Daivd Bailey is at it again! If you read my recent post on how I believe him to be out of touch with contemporary photography you’ll begin to understand how much he ‘irks’ me and perhaps where I’m coming from…but he takes it to a whole new level in this recent interview.

A highlight below...but read the full interview here if you must (After this I give him no more airtime I promise!)

“You’ve been called a misogynist.

I’ve never been anti-women. I’ve been used by women all my life, fortunately. My mum and my Aunt Dolly were the two biggest influences on me. They were really strong women, especially my mum. She was good, but as she got older she became Winnie the witch, really. She was this mad Gypsy.” (No, you’re not a mysoginist Mr Bailey!)

and just to prove it…

“Does it feel odd if you’re photographing young women, in a way it might not have done a few years ago?

I haven’t really done “young women” as you call them for a while. I stopped all that in the 80s. Though I just did a group of young girls for Interview magazine – pop singers. They were all right. I think most of them were lesbians anyway.” (!!!!)


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