“A thin woman stands bolt upright with her back to us, as the city centre’s population at large pass her by. The “performance” is repeated and recorded in eight worldwide metropolitans: London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Delhi, New York, Mexico City, Cairo and Lagos.” Read more here

I got introduced to Kimsooja’s work as photography a few years ago and it has always intrigued me. I find it interesting and very relevant as an example of the convergence of media such as film, photography and performance that I find are more prevelant in contemporary art.

At the moment, this work makes me think of student Alex Lovell-Smith‘s work, so this post’s for Alex. he is working on a performance, related work with another student , that looks at ‘observation’  and ‘sruveillance’ (amongst other things), although he is a photography major and has another serious of photographic works that employ/require some kind of performance that needs to be ‘caught’ on camera. The result is something of alienation or suspension, as in Kimsooja’s work – although the contexts are different….

…just some thoughts!


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