Excite ’09::Last Word Exhibition


It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I need to get some info out there about the first of the exhibitions I have seen for Excite 09, The Otago Polytechnic annual showcase of graduating students work (and some non-graduating students too!)

The School of Design had their opening and prize giving last night in the amazing ex Wickliffe Press building, now empty warehouses which are the best setting for cool design work. The exhibition includes work from graduating students in the Communication design, Fashion design, Interior design and Product design degrees, as well as a showcase of first and second year works.

I’m here to shout out for the 2009 Communications design students and their exhibition; Last Word.

Last Word Exhibition


These guys were challenged not only to exhibit their best design work from their degree, but also co-ordinate, advertise, design the exhibition space, design the catalogue and website and put the whole event together themselves! They did an amazing job and the opening last night proved the success. The exhibition was well received by all who attended(which was heaps!).

Check out their work in the space until Sunday 22nd Nov. Opening times here. (it’s also worth going to the space to see a sneak preview of the Fashion Design students work before their Collections fashion show this Saturday, the Product design show, Ideate and the Interior design show Infuse, all exhibited in the same space but each with their own amazing  and unique style that really sets this whole exhibition apart.

And check our their work on their own, self-designed website here. You’ll need to visit the space to pick up a beautifully designed and hand stamped, special edition catalogue.

Well done you guys!

Class of 2009::Communication Design::Otago Polytechnic


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