Photographer Rineke Dijkstra’s best shot

“In 1994, I was commissioned to ­photograph the children of asylum seekers as part of an art project, and I went to a refugee centre in Leiden, in the Netherlands. I spent about three days there before starting work.” link to full article in the

'I want to have my picture taken, too!' ... detail from a portrait of Almerisa, six, a Bosnian Muslim from Tuzla, at an asylum centre in the Netherlands in 1994. Photograph: Rineke Dijkstra

Welcome back and hello to 2010!
I absolutely love the work of photographer Rineke Dijkstra…and in this article, she sums up her practice, and the reason i think she appeals to me so much when she says about this image: “I improvised a little studio in the corner of the room, and the result was much better. If you don’t explain everything in a photo, the little details become important: the clothing, the chair, the corner of the cupboard.” Absolutely! And when you look at the rest of her work – this is so clear…go on…have a look!


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