Vogue Layered 2010 Covers – PHOTOS | Styleite

We look at a lot of composite photography at the Dunedin School of art, from Idris Khan’s take on the Becher’s  and Jason Salavon’s work with our domestic and family albums, (and ‘other’ passions), to more scientific engagements with the very technology electronic media by the likes of Nancy Burson. There are many more examples…

This is another, much more recent ‘play’ in the genre, this time engaging (I imagine), a wider audience.

Does the iconography of ‘Vogue’ magazine change the way we look at this compared to the work of Khan’s when he re-presents landmark work in the very history of photography? By which I mean, do we take the Vogue covers less seriously? And is this because it is Vogue or because the technology to composite images is no longer new, and by proxy, has very much ‘been done’?

I’m not sure, but I like these…they turn into a catalogue of different cultures, more than technologically fetishistic composite images. I chose to use the “Paris” covers in this post (because it’s dark and twisty!), but please click through and look at the others, for they work most in their comparison to each other…one might say, a kind of typology. I admire most the Italian covers’ image, for it shows up amongst the rest as the most original in the way it changes its cover month to month…the others you can see, have found a design, and for the most part stick to it…

But this of course, is the beauty of the work. Enjoy!


Vogue Layered 2010 Covers – PHOTOS | Styleite.


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