student image of the week!

Hydro, by Danielle Caddy

This beautiful image is by current Bachelor of Visual Art student, Danielle Caddy at the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic. I came across it when she posted it to her blog along with a couple of other shots from the same night.

Perhaps it’s because I’m doing a lot of swimming at Moana Pool right now (the location of the shoot), or because in Scotland we call hydroslides ‘flumes’ which always makes me laugh…or because this is just a stand out shot, but it seems to capture my mood right now; the nights are drawing in and we have to make the effort to get out in the dark and cold to have fun and for me here, the yellow illuminated in this photograph reminds me of the warmth, and the noise and the laughter of inside the pool!

Beautiful crop, although if you look at Dani’s blog you’ll see another shot which also works of the wider area.



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