Student Work of the Week: “Room 18” by Lucy Fulford

Okay, so not current student work BUT a current student of the Dunedin School of Art in the Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours (BVA(Hons)) programme and work done in 2010 when she was an undergraduate student in the BVA. It’s come back under my radar as it has just been published online in the Australian ‘frankie’ magazine.

The work was originally exhibited in SITE2010 at the Dunedin School of Art and was titled “Room 18”.

A beautiful installation where the handling of the space echoed the emptiness in the images; from the light filtering through the netted windows and the almost imperceptible odour from the freshly cleaned floor. Suddenly you felt yourself immersed in silence and the distance between the past and present collapsed, yet was still unmistakeably present forever in the photograph.

Fulford (on says:

“The images are from an ex-veteran’s home from Dunedin where I live that is now vacant and has been for the past 5 years. Traces of the past occupants are still present: the names are still on all the doors, there is medicine in some drawers, photos, letters and stains on the walls where pictures once hung. The place is very haunting and empty yet incredibly beautiful.”

See the full range of images and more on Fulford’s website here.


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