speed of light: art + running

Some of you might know that these are two of my passions! In fact, here’s a post I wrote last year, titles “i love running, i love art(subjectively) and i love video” And now, here’s the perfect art + running project for me!

This August, during the Edinburgh Festival, Scottish Art Organisation NVA are producing the artwork, Speed of Light. NVA are known for their public art installations, permanent and temporary, usually large scale and usually in challenging locations. This one is no exception taking place on Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat; a mountain created by a volcanic eruption many years ago, situated in the middle of the city. This was one of my favourite running routes for many years when I lived in Edinburgh!

Speed of Light will consist of many runners, wearing customised light suits, running, jogging and walking a choreographed route at night-time to create a spectacular human/landscape lightshow.

This will be a spectacular and participatory event. Audience members are encouraged to carry light sources as they are taken in groups up the mountain by guides, and runners are invited to become part of the show. (There are still spaces left, at time of posting.)

And on the 1st September 2012, that will be me! (Seriously, I’ll do most things for a free t-shirt…) I’m so excited to be part of this artwork. I’ll get a chance to see it from the outside AND the inside! And in the process, I get valuable motivation to take my running training to another level.

Indeed, the body, fitness and sport are often subjects for artists…here are some of my favourites:

Jane Venis: Gymnauseum (2011)

(Gymnauseum, Jane Venis (2011) Installation Shot: Zadie on the exercycle)

Jane’s fabulous exhibition at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery in late 2011 was a humourous and macabre look at our society’s obsession with fitness and the gym. The interactive torture-chamber-esque installation proved a hit with a wide range of audience members!

This was an amazing and fun exhibition and I think most people can identify with the love/hate relationship one might have with the gym and its various apparatus.

See also this hilarious infomercial Jane made alongside the exhibition


TV Moore Escape Carnival (2008)

(Installation view Biennale Of Sydney 2008, Cockatoo Island: Courtesy, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery)

I saw this work in the Sydney Biennale in 2008, situated in a dark tunnel on cockatoo island. The work on the video screen was also created in the same tunnel and features a runner continually running forward towards the camera/viewer, yet never getting any further forward. It is an eerie work, with a soundtrack resonating with oppressive, heavy breathing that comes with long-distance running.


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