Glasgow Print Studio::Rachel Duckhouse and Bronwen Sleigh

EXHIBITION: Mark Campbell, Rachel Duckhouse and Bronwen Sleigh

Glasgow Print Studio, first floor gallery
Exhibition runs: 8th June – 15th July 2012

Rachel Duckhouse, Mir EO – 8, 71 x 95 cm, screenprint. Bronwen Sleigh, Keflavik East (detail), 22 x 22 cm, etching. © Glasgow Print Studio and the artist

Last night I went to the opening of these artists’ work at the Glasgow Print Studio

Both artists are showing new work and what I particularly enjoyed was that the bodies of work complemented each other, yet each held its own.

On the left, Rachel Duckhouse produced mesmerising screenprints, with elegant and clean lines and shapes. Each work invited you to spend time looking, and smiling a little inside.

Bronwen Sleigh‘s work is equally mesmerising, yet elegantly complex in contrast. A series of etchings, many hand coloured, portraying large architectural spaces, such as airports. The fine use of line and injection of colour made these stunning prints to absorb.

Bronwen Sleigh, Baker Street  45 x 45 cm, etching (ed. 20)

I don’t normally write about printmaking, but it has obvious and close connections to the photographic print. Getting up close to the actual print itself has a special, tactile quality that makes visiting work in exhibition spaces so worthwhile. It’s a reminder (to me, anyway) to print, to produce and of the importance of process.

I really enjoyed this opening, and there was a lovely atmosphere throughout the evening. Glasgow Print Studio is a nice space and is part of the recently re-developed Trongate Arts and Creativity Centre in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Rachel Duckhouse, Mir EO – 5 screenprint


2 thoughts on “Glasgow Print Studio::Rachel Duckhouse and Bronwen Sleigh

  1. Having attended last nights exhibition I understand that this is a three person show, with equally excellent work by artist Mark Campbell. Strange that your feature has omitted any mention of his work.

    • Hi John, thank you for your comment!
      Indeed it is a three person show, as titled within the post. I didn’t discuss Mark Campbell’s work however, as I was writing to highlight the work that I enjoyed of Rachel Duckhouse and Bronwen Sleigh, rather than write a review of the show, per se. As you might see from the rest of the blog, I mostly write about photography and digital arts, and I feel the works of both the artists mentioned resonate with the photographic print, whereas Campbell’s wood cuts don’t for me, and I don’t really have a context to write about them. It is of course, highly subjective!
      With regards, Rachel

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