Highlights in the Brighton Photo Biennale 2012

I think it’s great that Brighton holds its own Photo Biennale, and excited that I’m going to be there to enjoy it this year for its fifth. The theme Agents of Change: Photography and the Politics of Space does sound interesting, although it does look like it’s shaping up to hold a lot of world-press-photo-esque exhibitions, and I hope that these won’t overwhelm. What looks like and initial  highlight to me is a new commission from Scottish duo Thomson & Craighead. (See below)
Thomson & Craighead, October, 2012, Two channel installation. © Thomson & Craighead

“October A newly commissioned two-channel installation for Photoworks by artists Thomson and Craighead. It explores the uses of imagery by various Occupy and protest groups, identifying common phrases and gestures. Drawing together a wealth of images produced by activists and onlookers across the world, the artists create a portrait of a global movement. As a wall projection displays fragments and short sections of video, a second projection of a compass on the floor will respond by pointing towards the location where each video clip was shot, locating the images in physical space.”

from Original article with other biennale exhibitions mentioned here.


The bpb 2012 is curated and produced by Photoworks


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