Saatchionline: 100 Curators

Just a quick nod to Saatchi Online’s latest project: 100 Curators. Inviting 100 curators from around the world to curate from the online collection (a free-to-use site for emerging artists who are not represented by any other gallery) the project displays a new curator each day. We’re only nine days in so plenty of mini-collections still to be unravelled. As I’ve been following the first nine days it’s been an interesting process. I think it is one of the better online curation projects I have seen, in part for its large platform ( to bounce from: It has an established group of artists to browse through and add to that, its international reach…

Having said that however it is also self-referentional, highlighting and promoting saatchionline in just another way. None of the curated collections, I imagine, are going to set the world on fire, yet if they highlight an artist to a new onlooker then that is a good thing. In each collection there are works that I would have chosen and many that I wouldn’t, and each one is different…that’s the point though, huh?

Well, just for fun, here’s my curation from the already curated…

(and a couple of cheeky choices of my own…)


The last image is by one of my favourite photographers, Richard Boll and beside him one of my new favourite artists, Stephanie Spindler


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