I used to get a subscription for Source magazine sent all the way to New Zealand. It was a gift from my second ever year of graduating photography students. I’ve just discovered now a lovely rss feed on their site that highlights different archive articles from their back issues and it throws up some lovely stuff!

I have just read Why Art Photography? by Lucy Souttar over my morning cuppa; it was interesting and insightful, and it reminds me of teaching. The interweaving of different photography styles, histories and theories and photographers, in order to try and makes sense of  each student’s own relationship to the subject.

Well worth a read.


“Vanessa Beecroft and the European president of Louis Vuitton, Jean Marc Gallot standing in front of a photograph from the Alphabet Series VBLV which shows the Louis Vuitton Logo arranged in female models. Since this photograph was taken the series has been challenged as infringing the copyright of a Dutch graphic designer Anthon Beeke and withdrawn from circulation.” Photo: Peer Grimm dpa/lbn.


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