Exhibition Logo


Graphic identity, logo design and publicity materials for a group exhibition. Rachel K Gillies (2013)

Two pieces of news here. I am participating in a group exhibition in about a month’s time at one of the gallery spaces at the University of Brighton, and I have been doing some more graphic design work. Hurrah!

Okay, so I am one of the exhibiting artists but one of the great things about being bossy and co-ordinating an exhibition with your fellow creatives is that you get to choose to do the fun jobs too, like come up with some nice graphic design work to market the event!

The challenge in this work was to find something that could speak for the group of individuals but also extend the theme of the exhibition. So rather than work with any imagery stemming from any of the exhibitors’ works I chose to play with the idea of beyond words in the design, creating a graphic identity that extends this provocation. I hope that it also piques people’s interest to what ‘beyond words’ might look like…come to the exhibition and see!

I’m very pleased with the design and the graphic is being used in the e-invite (above) as well as posters and signage for the exhibition. Here is some more info about the exhibition, and I’ll be posting about it once we’re open.

research: beyond words is an exhibition showcasing creative practices by current students of the MRes Arts and Cultural Research degree. Incorporating a variety of media ranging from photography and video to designed objects, and utilising concepts in myriad ways through product design, architecture, fine art and ultimately research, this exhibition brings together a diverse group of students whose research in arts and culture extends beyond words and also considers the relationship with and towards the visual.

The MRes in Arts and Cultural Research is delivered by the Centre for Research and Development (CRD) in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Brighton.


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