[new work] corrupted: self (2013)


We just installed and opened the Research: Beyond Words exhibition at the University of Brighton. An excellent experience getting know my colleagues on the MRes course and, importantly seeing more of their creative work.

Here’s the Blurb:

research: beyond words is an exhibition showcasing creative practices by current students of the MRes Arts and Cultural Research degree. Incorporating a variety of media ranging from photography and video to designed objects, and utilising concepts in myriad ways through product design, architecture, fine art and ultimately research, this exhibition brings together a diverse group of students whose research in arts and culture extends beyond words and also considers the relationship with and towards the visual.

The MRes in Arts and Cultural Research is delivered by the Centre for Research and Development (CRD) in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Brighton.

The exhibition is on show until the 29th April 2013 at the Grand Parade building at the University of Brighton.

The opening night was GREAT: lively and friendly with a nice mix of people interested in the work and chatting away.

Thanks to my fellow classmates for their work with a special shout out to HC Waddington who made the whole thing work!




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