Exhibition: The Realm of Lost Virtualities (2014) Rachel K Gillies


'Thresholds' (2013) Rachel K. Gillies | Image Credit: Ignacio Acosta

Exhibition: Thresholds (2013) Rachel K Gillies
Thresholds Installation View | Image Credit: Ignacio Acosta

Exhibition as part of Surface Exposure, University of Brighton Gallery, 16th-24th July 2013
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Searching (2013)Searching: yahoo & bing diptich (2013) Rachel K Gillies
Giclée Print, 658 x 483mm (Framed)

Exhibited in Thresholds (2013) as part of Surface Exposure, University of Brighton Gallery, 16th-24th July 2013

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rachelGillies_smlcorrupted: self (2013) Rachel K Gillies
Photographic Transparency on Lightbox, 800 x 336 x 150mm
Exhibited in Research: Beyond Words exhibition at the University of Brighton, 5th-29th April 2013
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Portrait of the artist Stephanie Spindler (2012) Rachel K Gillies

This was great job taking images for Stephanie Spindler of her exhibition Drift (2012) as part of a bigger design job to collate them into a publication. This portrait made it into the book and I think it really communicates Steph’s personality as well as showcasing one her amazing prints.

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There Cannot be Black (2012) Rachel K Gillies Two inkjet prints 385mm x 305mm (framed) in “Un Litro de Agua” Exhibition, curated by Number 8 Collective. Medellín, Columbia. June 2012
Exhibition made possible by Casa Tres Patios.

(Image: Río Medellín, Medellín, Colombia)

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Martin Mor (2012) Rachel K Gillies Inkjet print 297mm x 420mm (unframed)

For this portrait I’ve appropriated the cultural face of comedian and entertainer “Martin Mor”, asking, can we ever really see the person behind the many representations of him?

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Viewfinder (2011) Rachel K Gillies Inkjet Print, 2000mm x 610mm (unframed) “about PHOTOGRAPHY” Exhibition, Dunedin School of Art Gallery, Dunedin 5th – 9th September 2011.

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Three of Spades (2011) Rachel K Gillies Inkjet Print on Photo Paper, 297 x 420mm, (unframed) in ‘Pick a Card’ Exhibition. ‘One Night Stand’, Federal Gallery, 17 Taupo Quay, Whanganui, March 2011.

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This work is a composite image created from 26 packs of cards, using the three of spades from each deck.


Intertidal (2008)  Rachel K Gillies & Caro McCaw [Curators] Exhibited by The Blue Oyster Art Project Space, as part of a national series called ‘One Day Sculpture’, commissioned by Litmus Research Initiative & Claire Doherty. 21 December, 2008.
Link to Intertidal on the Blue Oyster Art Project Space Website
Link to One Day Sculpture Website

Link to commissioned essay (pdf) on the exhibition by Ali Bramwell Bramwell, A. ‘Intertidal’ in ‘One Day Sculpture’ Cross, D, & Doherty, C (Eds), Kerber Verlag (2009) pp. 116-125 ISBN978-3-86678-333-1.


Weather Photos (2008) Rachel K Gillies & Jenna Todd Online Exhibition curated by Hege don Samset and Miriam Songster, 2008
Link to website
An international photo project about weather, emotion, and communicating through photography initiated by Hege don Samset and Miriam Songster. I participated with artist Jenna Todd whilst at a conference in Singapore. We exchanged photographs about the weather during a two week period using a blog interface to communicate.

The Weather Photos blog did an on-site installation for Shanghai’s Zendai MoMA in November 2008 (Image: Installation detail)


I check my e-mails every day (2007) Rachel K Gillies Lambda Print (framed) in “Double” curated by Ana Terry. The Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin, New Zealand, May 08 – May 26, 2007.
Also exhibited in “desire’n”, ANZAAE, Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand, March 2009.

View pdf catalogue of “Double”
View pdf catalogue of “desire’n”


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