Exhibition | The Realm of Lost Virtualities (2014)

Image: Installation View, The Realm of Lost Virtualities at BPF14. Pheonix Brighton Projects and Participation Hub. 4-26 October 2014.

As part of Brighton Photo Fringe 2014 (BPF14) I exhibited this interactive work The Realm of Lost Virtualities, a live website that people could upload their “lost photos” to that would then print out every image that was received. The website is hosted at lostvirtualities.net where you can see all the images that were collated during the festival. There will be a forthcoming book for Brighton 2014 and hopefully more incarnations of the project at other festivals. I can’t wait to see what different types of images different cities provide.

Here’s the blurb: “Imagine how many photographs we all have in our cameras, on our computers and in our smartphones that we will never do anything with. Maybe they’re just slightly less perfect than the ones you took preceding them, or perhaps there’s that all-too-easy-to-do, finger-in-front-of-the-lens? The Realm of Lost Virtualities asks you to upload your bad photos and give them the potential life they deserve…after all, it’s not their fault the flash didn’t go off!”

spittingLostVirtualities screen
From left: Installation view of printer:Press Release for BPF14: Projection of Website:


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