Drift | Artist’s Book (2012)

front cover of drift publication (2012)
all artworks (c) Stephanie Spindler | photography and graphic design (c) Rachel Gillies


I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with artist Stephanie Spindler on her new exhibition drift at the Briggait in Glasgow. Not only did I get to work with Steph during the installation, giving me huge insights into her practice, and her approach to this work in particular, I then got to shoot the photography documentation of the work. It’s a great challenge and very exciting to shoot another artist’s work as you really have to engage with their perceptions and concepts with the piece.

Most exciting was being asked to use the photographs to create a publication of the work. This was where I got to use the photographs to create my own design, and extend the exhibition theme into printed matter. Of course it took several iterations, a few frustrated nights and a couple of design epiphanies (yay!) but I’m pretty pleased with the result and so is Steph.

You can preview the whole book online by clicking the image below. There’s a soft and a hardcover version for any Spindler fans who want to purchase a copy – just go ahead and do so online.


3 thoughts on “Drift | Artist’s Book (2012)

  1. I really like the design of this book. You did a beautiful job. I really like the photography. I have been working with a designer for a publication of my first book and I hope to improve in my next book.

    Blurb is a great idea. Just wondering, how close was the color?

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