Relocalism Poster (2013)



Relocalism research poster design for Cara Courage. (2013)

I’ve just finished this great job, designing a research poster for PhD candidate Cara Courage at the University of Brighton. It’s for a research poster competition and the minute we heard about it, we both knew we wanted to be involved. I briefly thought about working on my own poster, with my own project but I didn’t feel my research is actually at the level of poster yet, so when Cara approached me to work with her, on her PhD research, it was the perfect (winning?) combination.

So the challenges – define the content so that it can be easily understood by a non-subject expert and use the design to communicate it. When I’m working on others’ projects I really try to work from the content and let it do the talking. Here, networks, connections, communities within larger social networks, local versus global were all things that struck me about the project, so the idea of a map and some kind of networking diagram were initial ideas that got carried through to the final version.

Cara was great to work with! The collaborative process between us was what made this project a success and very plain sailing! It would be great to be acknowledged with one of the prizes in the competition, but either way I’ve had a great experience and I’m proud of the design, and Cara now has a poster she can use to describe her research and use in a multitude of other ways. Win win.


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