Barbara Probst at Stills, Edinburgh (UK)


Image Credit: Exposure #48: Munich, Minerviusstraße 11, 01.06.07, 3:17 p.m. Image courtesy of Kuckei + Kuckei, Berlin

“Stills is delighted to present Barbara Probst’s first solo exhibition in the UK.

If photography freezes a split-second in time, Barbara Probst dissects and disperses that moment using a series of radio-controlled cameras to simultaneously record the same instant from multiple angles and distances. The resulting images reveal a number of diverse realities and undermine the notion of photographic ‘truth’.”

For those of you who don’t know, I used to work at Stills in Edinburgh – It was my first ‘real’ job in the arts sector and I loved it – we were a small team and we did some big things to get Stills up on it’s feet again after a change of direction. It’s great to see them go from strength to strength from this side of the world, none other with this exhibition of Barbara Probst work.

Notably – Probst’s first solo show in the UK – really? Good on you Stills – it’s about time!

I have discussed Probst’s work in lectures in the past, although perhaps not for a while, so this is a timely reminder that she maybe needs to come out again. In particular, I thought this might relate interestingly to Alex’s work….Alex has been looking closely and in-depth at ‘truth’ in photography, but I fear he may be losing himself in theory, and this might give him some fresh visual stimulation which will help him with his own studio work. It is looking at truth from a slightly different angle (pardon the pun?!) from where he is currently searching…

Anyway, to read more and see an excellent slideshow of work visit the Stills’ Website here.

And Barabara Probst is definitely worth a second look for those of you not familiar with her work already.


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